Alarm clock     you have to get up earlier

Angel               grabs the luck by its hair

Anvil                luck in the game

Arrow              sharp tongues are hurting you

Axe                  protect yourself from conspiracies

Baby                family will get larger

Ball                  you must eat less

Barrel               your house is taken care of

Bed                  careful in slow traffic

Bee                  smart handling leads to success

Bell                  all goodness comes from above

Bicycle             fortune winks

Bird                 don't fly too high

Bottle               let the cork pop

Branch             the honor of your virtue will be worth it

Broom              be careful of the stepmother

Bug                  time for a new car

Bull                  you will face hard times

Cannon            Cupid shoots at you

Castle               all wishes come true

Cat                   do not be so stubborn

Clock               you must become domestic

Coin                 warm rain is coming

Crib                 remember your own youth

Cross               go your own way

Crown              big honor is coming

Cuckoo            do not fish in foreign waters

Cucumber        watch out for woman that wear glasses

Cup                  don’t care what the card reader tells you

Devil                protect yourself against seduction

Dice                 do not run a bad game

Dog                  loyal friendship

Dragon             you raise above yourself

Drum                someone is trying to trick you

Eagle                no high flight

Egg                  do not lay in someone else's nest

Eye                  do not look to deep in the glass

Fan                  chases trouble out of the house

Fish                  someone will get trapped

Flag                  avoid alcohol

Foot                 caution trip danger

Fork                 caution overweight

Gallows            don't let yourself hang

Glass                luck is breakable

Gnome             people underestimate you

Goat                 you will be milked

Goose              love brings fruits

Grape vine        fulfilled lucky life

Gun                  fast reaction

Hammer            forge your luck

Harness            release yourself out of your shackles

Heart                luck, health and freedom

Hedgehog        jealousy causes pain

Hoop               you will find a nice circle of people

Horn                does not let yourself be lead onto the wrong way

Horseman        constrain your wildness

Horseshoe        tight connection in sight

Insect               diligence gets you ahead

Island               a dream comes true

Jaguar              change sides quickly

Key                  a change is near

Knife                protect yourself from sharp items

Ladder             good friends support you

Lance               winning all the way

Lantern            a light will go up

Lighthouse        you will get married

Lion                 you will be shredded apart

Lipstick            sinful hours

Lizard               you are avoiding problems

Man                 build a house

Mask               you will win a competitor onto your side

Medal              you will get promoted

Monkey            do not trust a charmer

Moon               dreams may come true

Moss                you will win the lottery

Mug                 Keep drinking until your partner is pretty

Mule                do not look into the mirror

Mushroom       luck with diligence

Mussel             you will find a pearl

Nail                  hold on to your luck

Narcissus         arrogance comes before the fall

Needle             you are tops

Nest                 luck in the family

Numbers          count on a surprise

Nut                  stays strong

Orange             a sweet fruit calls

Organ               angels are around you

Owl                  people honor your suggestions

Ox                   your future rests in your own strength

Pacifier             be gentle

Paddle              you are leading towards good times

Paint brush       order your house

Palm                 do not tear yourself apart

Palm                 calm down

Pig                   a long luck streak

Plate                 less is often more

Rapier              your fighting nature shows

Rascal              a connection will have consequences

Raven               protect yourself against thieves

Ring                 caution, golden shackles

Rock                you are on a safe pass

Rocket             someone will shoot you down

Rooster            rising tendency

Saber               problems at work

Sack                do not buy a cat unseen

Sail                   go onto a large vacation

Santa                you carry a large burden

Scale                winning in a legal case

Scepter             do no be domineering

Shark               do not fish in murky waters

Sheep               you will get shaved

Shoe                show strength

Sickle               moon shine romance for two

Snake               danger near

Spoon              caution on hot things

Square             persistence pays

Star                  luck in game

Stone               hard times

Straw               a job ends unexpectedly

Sun                  many good days in sight

Swallow            luck belongs to the one that is self-satisfied

Switch              you will find the spring of luck

Table                you are the chosen one

Teeth                see the dentist

Thumb              you move forward

Tongs               you must decide

Tooth               someone will hex you

Tree                 you will go your own way

Tree                 loyal friends

Tub                  you swim in wealth

Turnip              people think you are intelligent

UFO                unknown influences are controlling you

Vase                a nice friendship

Volcano            slow down your lust

Woman            sex comes into the house

Worm              you will live a double life

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